PubCrawl Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne Pub Crawl

Pub Crawls: ‘pub crawl’ as both a noun and a verb, with the noun (dating from 1915) being defined as “a drinking session that moves from one licensed premises to the next, and so on”, and the verb (1937) meaning “to move in a group from one drinking establishment to the next, drinking at each.” The term is a combination of “pub (a public house, licensed for the sale of alcohol) and (hopefully) the figurative sense of crawl“.

Pub crawls are awesome fun and the best way to enjoy them is with a designated DD and rolling in style with the PedalCity Crawler, we have some planned out courses you can use or you can decide your own fate by choosing bars of your choice. We do the steering while leaving you to be the captain of the ship!

Here’s the basic idea, you hit one of the fifteen bars downtown… you drink a pint of your favorite brew. You Hi Five each other, save it to Instagram or whatever you feel like doing, and then you move on to the next until you have accomplished your goal or you run out of time.

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