Facts about Pedal City:

1.You may purchase alcohol from Pedal City Beer Garden.  Please see our online menu.  If you would like to request different drinks, please give us two weeks notice to order it in.  You can also order snacks with 2 days notice.   Absolutely no glass aboard bike.

2. Must be 21 years of age to drink alcohol aboard the Pedal City. Passengers who are NOT 21 years old may still be on the bike, but cannot consume alcohol.  Please bring your I.D.

3. The maximum party size for Pedal City is 14 people (riders) and the bike moves better with 10-12 people. The minimum recommended is 6 people (riders).  There are 10 peddlers and the rest are along for the ride.

4. The cost for a 2 hr tour on Sunday-Thursday is $200 and a 2 hr tour on Friday & Saturday is $300. All holidays are $300 per 2 hr tour. You may book longer than 2 hours also. $150 for an extra hour on Friday, Saturday and holidays, and $100 for an extra hour Sunday through Thursday.   Please call 260-415-6167.

5. Pedal City operates year round, seven days a week.

6. Pedal City does have a stereo on board with a headphone jack that riders will be able to hook up their iPods, iPhones, or mp3 players.

7. Paying is easy.  We accept Visa and Mastercard and cash, sorry no checks.  Our phone number is 260-415-6167 if you have any questions.

8. All tours will start from the Pedal City Depot Beer Garden unless another location is predetermined (if we begin anywhere other than our location there is a service fee due of at least $50.00; this fee may be higher depending on location

The starting address is 1215 W. Main St., Fort Wayne, IN 46808

10.Pedal City has parking behind the building and on the street.

11.  If bad weather arises, we reserve the right  to cancel a tour should safety concerns exist.  In the  situation where a tour is cancelled, you will be issued a rain check for a more pleasant tour experience in the near future.  Please understand that once a tour has started no rain checks shall be issued.  While the rainy tours are responsible for many of the funnest tours, the awning helps keep you and your crew dry! Check the weather; dress appropriately to enjoy the good times!

12.  If you show up late, we can’t promise to made up the time.

13. All passengers sitting in the seats that have pedals must be able to reach the pedals and must be under the weight limit of 300 lbs.  The back seat on the Pedal City is perfect for individuals that don’t fit the height or weight requirements.

14. Please remember that during the tour, the driver is always in charge for the full duration of your ride.  Please be respectful to the driver, and always follow the instructions, rules, and requests.  Please act in a civil manner during the tour as the driver is empowered to ask dangerous or rude guest(s) to exit from the bike, to find their own way home.  Please understand that it’s difficult to insure these bikes, and that’s why we need to take strict measures to enforce the necessary rules for safest and funnest experience possible.

15. In interests of reducing confusion for the driver who likely does not know all guests on a given tour, it will be the responsibility of the renter to be the only person that the driver answers to.  Otherwise, the driver would be responsible for finding everyone and getting up to 14 people out of the bars and pubs along the tour route.  It’s not fair to the driver to be responsible for such an undertaking, which is why the renter’s assistance is necessary & appreciated.

16. If you need to cancel a tour 14 days before your reservation, we will be happy to reschedule. There can be no changes or cancellation within 14 days of a scheduled tour and you do not receive your refund on your deposit if after 14 days.

17.  Any time lost due to bike breakdown will be made up.