Surrey and Pedal Pub Bikes

Surrey Bikes!

2 Seat

  • $20 per Hour

4 Seat

  • $30 per Hour

Pedal Pub Bikes!


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Gift certificates are also available by calling 260-415-6167!



Pricing Detail:

When booking a private tour with Pedal City you get the entire bike (along with a “Bar Handler”) for the duration of your tour.  For the per person pricing you will want to divide $200 or $300 by the number of riders you have attending, depending on which rate you fall into.  If you have the max riders of 14 then pricing comes to$15.30/person for Sunday-Thursday and $23/person Friday, Saturday, & all holidays. If each person is paying their share, we do not want to collect individual’s money, we want one person to collect and pay Pedal City the $200 or $300.

You will receive free cover everywhere you go while on the bike!

Team Building/Corporate Event: 

We will come to you for your team building event in the Ft Wayne area, Sunday through Thursday only.

Rates are $300 for 2 hours for these events. Please call us for more information!!

*rates may vary depending on distance away from Pedal City location.

Tour Length:

Typical tours with Pedal City last 2 hours, but we can and will book longer tours.  People ask us about this all the time.  If you are interested in booking a tour longer than 2 hours you will need to email us at or call us at  (260) 415-6167.

Tour Dates:

We can book tours 7 days a week between the hours of 10am and 11pm.

How Do I Book a Tour?

Step 1:                        The easiest method to book your tour is by calling (260)415-6167 or through our contact page.

Step 2:                        Credit Card (payment):   We will charge your credit card at the time of booking if your reservation is within 2 weeks of the booking date.  If you reserve a date more than 2 weeks away, we will call you to confirm the reservation 2 weeks before and at that time, we will charge your card.

You can email us your billing information to or call us at (260) 415-6167.  We will need your card number, your card type, expiration date, full name on card, 3 digits off the back of the card, and your billing address.

Step 2:                        Cash (payment):   If you are planning on paying cash, then call, text, or email to see if the dates are available.  If so then go ahead and call us at (260) 415-6167 or email us at with the exact date and time and your contact information.  We will still need a card on file.  However, the credit card is only being taken as a way to reserve the bike.  In which we will need again, your card number, your card type, expiration date, full name on card, 3 digits off the back of the card, and your billing address.  Cash can be paid the time of the tour.

Step 3:                        Each and every rider aboard the Pedal City will need to print and sign the Pedal City Liability Waiver prior to their arrival to Pedal City.  If a rider does not have this waiver before hand we will have extra copies on site.  However, having all these done ahead of time only gets us on the road faster and keeps you from wasting your rental time!  Simply click on contract near the bottom of this page to print and bring your signed copy on the day of the ride.

Step 4:                        Make sure you and your riders show up to your tour and on time.  All riders will have to provide a photo ID at the time of the tour.  The tour will start as soon as all the Pedal City Liability Waivers are collected and every ID is checked by the “Bar Handler.”

Step 5:                        We ask you to PLEASE read our FAQ page and share it to your group of friends.  We get quite a few questions daily that can be found on that page.

Payment Options:

All Pedal City tours must be paid by cash or credit card in advance.  We accept VISA and MASTERCARD.

Confirming reservations:

You MUST have your reservation confirmed before your tour date. If you make a reservation, and we attempt to contact you to confirm and you do not return our calls or cancel,  your credit card will be charged for the entire tour amount 1 day prior to the tour.

Damage/Late Fee Deposit:

We Reserve the right to charge your credit card following the tour if necessary.  Since the Pedal City bike is powered by its passengers, the passengers are in total control of the speed at which the tour progresses.  For scheduling purposes it is necessary for each tour to end within ten minutes of the scheduled return time.  There will be no DAMAGE/LATE fees charged if the Pedal City bike is returned on time and undamaged.

Contract :      pedal contract

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